gas comapny in jordan, شركات الغاز المركزي


Liquefied Petroleum Gas Company

ProGas is the first bulk gas company in the Jordanian market dedicated to delivering highest standards in LPG energy solutions and supply services, along with developing the LPG market in Jordan for a safe and secure solutions meeting the Jordanian consumer standards and advocating compliance with international safety standards

Founded in Oct 2005, with a registered capital of USD 2.7 million, ProGas was the first LPG provider in Jordan that commissioned its first installation in 2006 at the National Press project being the first company to obtain temporary governmental approvals.


Most Jordanians are familiar with Liquid Petroleum Gas delivered in cylinders that are used for cooking and/or heating appliances. In addition to these applications, ProGas Bulk LPG, which is supplied in larger containers, allows LPG to also be used for water heating, central heating and as a transportation fuel


Latest Features

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ProGas Maintenance

ProGas makes sure to keep the client's bulk LPG systems operating according to the adopted and implemented international gas codes. ProGas runs a checklist on the bulk

ProGas Specialized Projects

At ProGas we have developed knowledge to design and install big LPG plants that require detailed technical know-how and high engineering skills.  ProGas installed and operated big

Gas Supply

ProGas will provide you with the system from A to Z, and we will secure and guarantee a continuous LPG supply by: • monitoring the LPG system

LPG Installation

At ProGas we use bulk LPG technology utilizes tanks installed outdoors. Gas is delivered to appliances in buildings through a centralized piping network. Tanks come in different sizes

LPG vs Diesel

Properties of Diesel Combustion value: 8364 Kcal/Lit to 8856 Kcal/Lit (Depends on cleanliness of Diesel). Specific weight: About 0.82 Kg/Lit. Thus the Combustion value is between


Best services to keep you safe and in the least time and cost

We at ProGas are fully aware of the true meaning of our customer service, so we strive to reach the highest levels of service so that we are always under your eyes in gas services and maintenance