Gas Supply

ProGas will provide you with the system from A to Z, and we will secure and guarantee a
continuous LPG supply by:

• monitoring the LPG system and equipment.
• predict and account for the client’s gas needs when forecasting
• managing the supply of LPG to customers and monitoring gas levels
• 24 hours / 7 days a week call center for customer care or emergencies. Our technical
staff will respond to emergencies at any time.
• routine installation inspection
• insuring installation compliance with safety, regulatory and insurance requirements.

ProGas will supply and deliver LPG to your location as per your requirements. There are two
options available for the supply of LPG as described below. The options will have different
service and maintenance charges.


“Keep Full”

With this supply option, ProGas will monitor your consumption and manage the
filling of your tanks, insuring you always have sufficient amounts of LPG in store. This
system provides extra convenience for both parties.


With this supply option, ProGas will only fill your tanks when you call in and request a
refill. A minimum tank level will be agreed to initiate the order process so as to allow three
days’ notice for ProGas to schedule a delivery for you.

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