ProGas Specialized Projects

At ProGas we have developed knowledge to design and install big LPG plants that require detailed technical know-how and high engineering skills. 

ProGas installed and operated big plants using bulk LPG technology in Jordan, Iraq, and Palestine.

For such Specialized projects we provide the following services:

       • Determine the exact LPG demand for all the LPG appliances.
       • Design calculations to determine suitable LPG system and required pipe sizing and layout ad per NFPA  58 and 54 requirements.
       • Preparation and submission of all necessary drawings and operations and maintenance manuals for the project.
       • Installation of the equipment as per the design codes and procedures.
       • Commissioning and startup of the system.
       • Provide the project with the full documentation of the system, parts specifications, certificates and manuals.
       • Provide the staff with basic awareness and training for operating and maintaining the system including emergency action.
       • Annual inspection of distribution network including pressure testing for leaks and other potential problems.
       • Insuring installation compliance with safety, regulatory and insurance requirements.


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