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Our values in ProGas are an essential part of our work

One of the most important features of ProGas is our values, which are an important part of our business

ProGas supplies and installs high quality tanks and equipment with ASME, PED & NFPA 54 and 58 certificates. The technicians in ProGas  have high quality skills and training to ensure that these standards are fully complied with. Our continuous safety checks on operating systems have achieved zero accidents over the last 12 years.

Latest Features

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ProGas Maintenance

ProGas makes sure to keep the client's bulk LPG systems operating according to the adopted and implemented international gas codes. ProGas runs a checklist on the bulk

ProGas Specialized Projects

At ProGas we have developed knowledge to design and install big LPG plants that require detailed technical know-how and high engineering skills.  ProGas installed and operated big

Gas Supply

ProGas will provide you with the system from A to Z, and we will secure and guarantee a continuous LPG supply by: • monitoring the LPG system

LPG Installation

At ProGas we use bulk LPG technology utilizes tanks installed outdoors. Gas is delivered to appliances in buildings through a centralized piping network. Tanks come in different sizes

LPG vs Diesel

Properties of Diesel Combustion value: 8364 Kcal/Lit to 8856 Kcal/Lit (Depends on cleanliness of Diesel). Specific weight: About 0.82 Kg/Lit. Thus the Combustion value is between

Customers Satisfaction

We are dedicated to satisfying the current and future needs of every customer.

Every system we develop is designed with our customers’ best interests in mind.

Our work does not stop until we succeed in completely satisfying our customer.

We measure this satisfaction by the high percentage of returning customers to repeat business with us.


Is our top priority; ProGas only supplies and installs the highest quality tanks and equipment that are ASME, PED & NFPA 54 and 58 codes certified.

ProGas technicians are highly skilled and trained to ensure full compliance with these standards.

Our continuous safety checkups on operating systems achieved zero incidents for the last 12 years.


The ProGas team adheres to the highest professional standards. Our call center is accessible to customers 24/7 to address and promptly resolve any service issues. Consistency is a high priority for us.

Social responsibility

 Green energy for a safe and clean world

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We are promoting the use of green energy to ensure the safe and proper use of LPG in every sector of society. We care about every LPG installation in the country and want to ensure that installation and operating standards are consistently high. We are also committed to on-going consumer education to ensure consumers understand how to operate their LPG systems for maximum efficiency and safety.